C.O.P. UK-No Place For Heaven

UDR Music

C.O.P. UK (a.k.a. Crimes Of Passion UK) knows how to rock on their new, already third, album `No Place For Heaven’. It is almost impossible to resist a feel-good mood while listening to energetic opener ,,The Core’’, a song with a strong melody, a powerful chorus and great hooks, all sinking in easily. Having a good time is what this album is all about and it reminds me of an era when bands such as Def Leppard, Whitesnake, White Lion, House Of Lords, Dokken and Winger were celebrating their success. C.O.P. UK brings back memories of good traditional melodic hardrock but also use some influences from a more metal sounding genre to boost their sound. Producer Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Epica, Kamelot and many others) made sure `No Place For Heaven’ sounds energetic, powerful and updated. Dale Radcliffe is not a real striking sounding vocalist but his soaring vocals fits well and his vocal melodies are good and find their way in the music. Haunting guitar licks and solo’s are obvious a priority on this album and besides powerful and pumping tunes such as ,,My Blood’’, ,,Halo’’, and up tempo rocker ,,Burn Hell’’ the bands loves to snuggle with airplay friendly and dreamy tracks such as ,,Take It To The Grave’’,  ,,No Mans Land’’ and ,,Stranger Than Fiction’’. `No Place For Heaven’ is worth checking out.


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