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Swedish doom masters Candlemass have made a return at the front after things went a bit quiet after their 2016 release of the EP ‘Death Thy Lover’. But now bassist and composer Leif Edling has crafted together a real new mobile game called ‘House Of Doom’ and this EP is the 4-track soundtrack. Again Mats Leven has taken place behind the microphone with the other members Jan Lindh (drums), the guitarists Lars Johansson and Mats Bjorkman plus Leif Edling. With Marcus Jidell (Avatarium/Soen) producing the band just brings back memories galore. These songs are just as good as what the band produced years ago on albums like ‘Nightfall’ or maybe even better. ,,House Of Doom’’ and ,,Flowers Of Deception’’ are two quite fast doom metal songs with razor sharp guitars and of course those heavy riffs with Leven sounding just magnificent and really dark. ,,Fortune Teller’’ is a melancholic ballad that may not be so typical for Candlemass perhaps but is nevertheless great to hear as is the forceful instrumental ,,Dolls On A Wall’’. This is how doom metal should sound like. Hopefully there is a full album to follow and together with the new breed of Swedish bands like Sorcerer Candlemass will give the genre a welcome and necessary shot of adrenalin. Awesome EP!


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