UK based Chasing Dragons already has two EP’s recorded, but with this debut they make their mark. Being touring the UK for some years, and with slots at several festivals under their belt, the band appeals to many due to their wide and varied overall sound. Funded with a Kickstarter campaign all fell into place pretty fast with the band heading into studio for their recording sessions.

`Faction’ is a debut album worth the effort. The album is one compelling piece of work and listens like a freight train from start to finish. It is rich in melody and has a hard and sharp edge applied with raw and fiercely bursts of energy dosed within the wall of sound holding it all together. Drums are aligned with fierce riffs and hardly strike a beat against it, making it compact and easy to set on fire. Guitars sludge up the atmosphere and pull it along with impressive energy. Sonically the bass lines are smashing it up and bridge the tiny gaps between drums and guitar riffs, making it compact and solid. Over all the melodic and angst driven mayhem it is vocalist Tank who adds a spark to light the fire. Her voice is powerful and charismatic, with a frequently dropped bombshell of restrained anger igniting. Tank isn’t emulating gothic soprano, but turns melody into pristine power. Crystal clear outages [,,Parasite”] with tons of emotion and passion and raw and energetic if push comes to shove [,,Devil In Her Eyes”]. Raw edged to punch and kick forward, she balances a thin line with impressive precision. Drawing from a wide variety of registers, she does so with intelligence, matching perfect moods over sonic beatings. Chasing Dragons music sounds like a generic bypass of melodic metal and rock styles with influences of nu-metal, punk and EMO. It is all perfectly dosed and delivered with utmost precision calibrated to explode at the perfect time. Each and every track is a sonic versatile collection of styles dripping with melody and style. Sometimes it’s dramatic, sometimes melancholic, but most of all; it is mainly very explosive and comprehensive matching modern day society’s impact. It hits the right tone and I believe a lot of fans and listeners easily rely to the lyrics and musical content of the songs. Their current video release ,,Like Gravity” garnishes a lot of attention and it displays the bands engaging overall sound and their diversity. Tank’s agile and captivating, performance also perfectly caught on camera, makes it even more appealing. With songs like the widely engaging ,,Bareknuckle Lover” with its lush chorus and towering power chords, the modern metallic ,,I’m No Devil (I’m Just A Girl”, and the powerhouse track ,,Whitehorse”, hardly anything can go wrong. And there is no room for error, nor are there any fillers on this captivating full-length debut.
A wide varied range of styles mixed into a modern metal sound, Chasing Dragons offers and staggering piece of art that will capture wide attention within the scene. It’s captivating and engaging all the way through. The band is well worth a listen and will more than likely attract a variety of fans with this album. And this is just the beginning… get your copy!

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