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You have albums that take a little time to impress. My first glance at ‘Havoc’, the fourth CD of the Norwegian prog rock group Circus Maximus, was something like ‘well, they have not made much progress since their 2012 CD ‘Nine’. So I left it for a few days. When I went back to it for some further inspection my opinion started to change and well in such a way that I am playing the CD almost on a daily basis. Especially the voice of Michael Eriksen is highly impressive. The man has a big reach, has obviously Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin as influence (listen to the beginning of ,,Highest Bitter” and you will catch my drift) and knows how to bring variation and atmosphere in his performances. Especially the track ,,Flames’ is carried by the emotional performance of the singer. As it is almost a certainty (or so you will a must) in this genre, Circus Maximus delivers some long, epic and sprawling songs that are capturing. ,,Chivalry”, ,,Loved Ones’’ and ,,After The Fire” are all excellent tracks where all musicians deliver without overdoing it. The song is key and it stays that way. Still, Michael Eriksen, guitarist Mats Haugen and keyboard player Lasse Finbraten have enough room to shine on their instruments. The above mentioned songs are the main highlights on an album that should be heard by fans of this genre. First impressions can be deceiving or deceptive. By taking a little time, having an open ear and by displaying a little patience you will discover ‘Havoc’ and will appreciate its class and craftsmanship.


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