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CIRKUS PRÜTZ-White Jazz-Black Magic


This Swedish quartet has been at it for some 7 or 8 years now, playing their music in all kind of small clubs, pubs and festivals. Main man is The Quill boss Christian Carlsson (vocals/guitar), assisted by drummer Per Kohlus, guitarist/vocalist Franco Santiuone and bass player Jerry Prütz. Franco was the latest recruit after the passing of guitarist Peter Dahlquist in 2017 (he apparently played his last performances on this album). It is clear that this is a hobby band, started for fun and having a good time, spreading some different music around Sweden, at least a lot different than what The Quill does. The music on this record is a mix between rock, blues, boogie and a tiny sniff of country, but played with tempo and based around quite decent songs. Do not expect too much originality as the influences from bands like ZZ Top, Georgia Satellites etcetera are at some parts undeniable. But first and foremost this band is about bringing a happy vibe and uncomplicated music to the listener. And there are several songs that are quite good indeed like the rocker ,,Shotgun Wedding Blues’’, opener ,,Leave Me All Alone’’ (ZZ Top rhythm) and ,,Mojo’’ that thrives on a nice little monster riff. Add to that plenty of raunchy guitar work, a superb blues instrumental (,,Blues For Fallen Brothers’’, my absolute favourite track) and an honest yet simple sound and production and you may find yourself having a real good time listening to the music and enjoying a cool beer at the same time. Music does not always have to be complicated, full of conceptual lyrics or an over the top production to be entertaining and at stages even mesmerizing, these boys are the living proof of that!

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