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It was the year 2005, I was opening two shows for Stone Sour in Switzerland with my band Soul Strip and remember well that the topic “solo album” was already in the thoughts of Corey Taylor. That was 15 years ago, a long time in the mind of a genius, but the timing was never right so far being busy with Slipknot, Stone Sour and other collaborations. Now in 2020, its finally here. ‘CMFT’ will be unleashed to the world. The title is simple but perfect for this very first solo output by one of the most extraordinaire voices of our current generation. Corey Mother Fucking Taylor. Period. That’s not a title, that’s a statement. The expectations are higher than someone can actually expect, but what can we expect? Stone Sour became much harder and Slipknot opened up their heaviness and became more melodic, so the two bands are kind of merging already, can Corey Taylor write songs that won’t work for both of the bands and are meant to be on a solo record. Yes, he can, or lets say, he can partially. Of course there are songs on this album which could have been written for both his main bands, but there are plenty others that are destined to be labelled Corey Taylor solo. Lets just take the first single ,,CMFT Must Be Stopped’’ as an example. A dance floor banger with slight crossover vibes (including Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie), or the old school punk song ,,European Tour Bus Bathroom Song’’. In some moments, you can also hear that the boys in Steel Panther are good friends with mister Taylor. All in all it was worth the wait. It opens the question if Corey has any planning up his sleeve to ever perform these songs live. It would be a blast.

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