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May we conclude that one of the glam rock revival’s frontrunners today is Swedish band Crazy Lixx? Though I’m likely dismissing many genre related bands into their shadows it is certainly applying to the European scene. The band has established quite a fan base over the last couple of years with their radiating raw sound packed with huge choruses and memorable hooks and melodies. `Forever Wild’ is their brand new record and it draws from an even wider musical range.


Off the bat Crazy Lixx storms the arena with the riff packed ,,Wicked” immediately setting the tone for this album. The typical ingredients are shaken up once again and the format is still working wonder well (,,Weekend Love”). Enthusiasm radiates off the performances and the album progresses with great comfort. New elements are the more AOR / melodic rock juiced choruses that are stickier than ever before. ,,Break Out” packs power and subtlety, ,,Silent Thunder” and ,,It’s You” almost sound like Strangeways was injected with a Crazy Lick of roughness. It swings melodic and the riffs are pristine. Extremely sticky melodies pull it forward and the vocals are larger than life. These melodies and nesting choruses are radiating passion for the genre.

Live Cracker

Danny Rexon has the typical and mandatory rough edge, much like Seb Bach, but also packs a comforting melodic tone making him stand out. ,,Eagle” is a perfect example of his vocal symbiosis as he marks the middle between Stage Dolls’ Torstein Flakne and sleaze rock’s finest. The song also packs choruses reminiscent to the Dolls’ ,,Wings Of Steel”. Harking back to more bluesy ingredients the Lixx cooked up the sludgy ,,Terminal Velocity”, a live cracker in the making. Subtle is the magnificent ballad ,,Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”, the only slow mover on the album. One of the most diverse tracks Lixx recorded is the party rocker ,,Never Die – Forever Wild” that touches all of the bands previously mentioned ingredients, concluding this album to be an excellent piece of resistance. Perhaps their best.

10 Pointy songs with towering melodies and a sleazy raw party dose injected. Crazy Lixx fuses their trademark sound with even more melody than ever before. The outcome will stun melodic rockers.

HBLS interview with Danny Rexon about the new album here 

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