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CREYE-Up Close [EP]

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One year after their remarkable and acclaimed debut, Creye take the European stages supporting Michael Bormann’s Jaded Heart and DeVicious. It is the perfect moment to release another sign of life to promote the tour, and an even better moment to prove their skills as performers and songwriters. `Up Close’ is a 4 track EP that does exactly that…

Their self-titled debut made instantly clear that Creye is a melodic force to reckon with, presenting music with exceptional quality: Impressively crafted melodic rock tunes instantly sticking in your head. Megalithic hooks and melodies, and exquisite marksmanship uplifted their songs from the masses and mediocrity. A dignified calling card followed by an even more impeccable debut album. Blending the band’s supreme talents with skilled songwriters from the genre, it towered over the melodic landscape. Flawless and majestic compositions with timeless appeal and attitude. Though somewhat clinical in production it still lands in the heart and soul of AOR and melodic rock adepts. Upon first spin the songs nest and never tedious or out of style. Up until today it still is in frequent rotation on my (car) stereo and it still seizes to amaze me constantly. Much to my enthusiasm the band announced a stint of European club shows preceded by this EP.
With the Japanese edition of `Creye’ revealing their subtle side with its featured bonus track ,,Straight to the Top” performed acoustically, it is no surprise this acoustic EP is packed with the same all-imposing splendour. One brand new track and 3 acoustic renditions make it worth every penny spent. ,,Lost Without You” might come across rather cheesy, but with every spin the song grows on you with tidal wave emotion. The song flourishes with an enchanting melody and captivating musical interaction. Its guitar lick is a repetitive ear-mingler that fuses perfectly with the piano tone and throbbing and bobbing bass underneath. With instrumentation stripped and the production perfectly matching the mood, it is simply perfect. Much like they are performing in your living room. August Rauer’s voice is slick yet has an attractive edge, and oozes comfort. Even though it is pretty stand alone and in the front end of the mix, his performance is captivating and noble. It’s a solid track and addition to their catalogue that I look forward to hearing it performed on stage.
More awe-inspiring however is how the band managed to convert the pompous tunes ,,Holding On” and ,,Miracle” into acoustic tunes without losing its overall magnetism and allure. Both still pack the same palatial momentum and ,,Miracle” oozes identical power as the original pumped tune. Its heavy welling keys are traded in for fingerboard flashing piano swirls and the acoustic guitars pull it ahead with appeal. It truly reveals the band’s majestic style and craftsmanship, and the best is saved for last. ,,Never Too Late” is lobbed by an interesting bass line and piano tinkles with guitars supporting. Though I sometimes favour Jidhed’s slick voice over Rauer, he truly makes the song come alive and manages to impose the song on you with overwhelming soul and radiant charisma.

`Up Close’ is an interesting EP from a band showing to be more than you might expect from its pumped up arena pretences. All songs still pack a certain power and ooze confidence. Great moments, and raising the bar for their upcoming live performances. Count me in!

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