CROWBAR-The Serpent Only Lies


If there is one guy who knows Sludge Metal best, it is main man Kirk Windstein. Not only as founder of one of the most influential bands in the scene but also member of super groups Down and Kingdom Of Sorrow. We all know who invented metal, thank you Black Sabbath. But as you know, the old men are currently planning their retirement, so it is up to another generation of musicians, well Crowbar aren’t young teens anymore, but it is definitely on them to carry the sword and keep on riffling the shit out of this world with their mean and slow version of metal. Crowbar is far away from being just a scene hero band, they are the kings of their own music style. Bow down people and spend your money on Crowbar music, merchandise and whatever else they sell. If you don’t, good music will slowly die and all that remains for your punishment is shit like Justin Bieber…it is in your own hands.


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