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I always appreciated and of course liked the vocal performance of Damian Wilson as he did his thing with bands such as Threshold, Landmarq, Star One, and Ayreon. Now, Wilson, on his 50th birthday, releases a new EP called ‘Thank You’ and to my great disappointment this EP contains five songs only for piano, violin and cello. Call me insensitive, rude or not objective, but to me this EP is indeed utterly boring as the songs are a return to the classical approach, which Wilson did over more than twenty years ago!! Five songs, all just with piano, violin, cello and vocals are not my cup of tea; furthermore the lyrics of the five tracks are rather grim and dark, like e.g. break up problems, loss of friends and society problems. So, alas for me this is not a record I would recommend to listen to or buy and I also find that it is not absolutely nor a record to review for this site, as ‘Thank You’ has nothing to do with metal whatsoever!

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