Damn Freaks


Mighty Music/Target

On their first CD the four Italians from Damn Freaks show a lust for 80’s melodic rock and metal in the Dokken/Van Halen/White Lion style. So you might not hear very original tunes on this nine track CD but it sounds really good also thanks through a very crispy mix that was done by Harry Hess of Harem Scarem fame. And you might also think that the voice of Lacopo Meille sounds a bit familiar too. Well, if you have the last CD of English NWOBHM band Tygers Of Pan Tang in your collection you are right as mister Meille sang on that CD as well and made quite an impression with his performance on that one. When we look at the songs it is obvious that the band has not yet mastered the art of delivering all quality songs. The ballad ,,Sea Of Love’’ for instance is too predictable and mediocre. The bulk though is energetic, has some good guitar work and the overall sound is just right. But if this is enough to compete with several Frontiers, Escape and Melodic Rock releases at this point of time, I am not too sure. For a first CD not bad but there is still room for improvement.


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