Back in 2002, a Canadian band called Danko Jones released its debut album ‘Born A Lion’. The immediate appearance of this band, especially singer and guitarist Danko Jones himself, were the summary of rock and roll. Blood, sweat and tears of joy mixed with ass kicking guitar riffs and stomping drum beats. Rock ‘n Roll wasn’t dead at all, it was clearly alive. Over the years, the band became somehow the dirty version of AC/DC with their extremely energetic live shows. Soundwise, there was not much of any surprise, similar to AC/DC. You know what you get, but you get it on a very high level. 17 years later, we are able to welcome album number 9. It’s not a surprise that Danko Jones don’t surprise us at all. ‘A Rock Supreme’ is exactly what we know and love about this band. You get one live gem after the other. It’s one of these rare bands where you can listen to an album and see them live and they are equally good. No studio production polish, these guys can play and they play loud and wild. So as for the brand new album it’s what the fans wanted to hear:  A whole bunch of blood, sweat and tears of joy. It’s 2019 and rock still ain’t dead

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