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Italian guitarist/producer/composer Dario Mollo takes a trip down memory lane by recording an album again with the band where here started his career somewhere in the eighties. In 1989 Crossbones released a CD that was not so successful. Dario went on to record very strong albums with singer Tony Martin in his project The Cage and he also worked with Glenn Hughes under the name Voodoo Hill, a project that has given us three outstanding records, the last one being ‘Waterfall’, released about a year ago. From the original line-up only drummer Ezio Secomandi is back in the ranks, keyboardist/bass player Dario Patti is an associate of Dario Mollo for many years now and on suggestion of Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey singer Carl Sentance was recruited. This dude has gathered experience with The Don Airey Band, Nazareth, Krokus and Persian Risk. I never heard of him but hey, I must have missed something. Mister Sentance cannot be compared with greats like Martin or Hughes that just would not be fair on him. His voice is melodic and he likes the higher regions as well as you can discover for yourself in tracks like ,,Gates Of Time’’ or ,,I Got This Feeling’’. Crossbones brings us a combination of melodic heavy rock with a lot of classical influences. Dario Mollo yet again proves that he is a guy that knows what he is doing. He is an excellent guitarist with lots of heavy riffs and interesting solos, his productions are as always steady as a rock and his songs hardly have any weaknesses at all. It seems that Mollo is that happy with his singer that he anticipates working a bit more with him. That would be a good thing as well for Dario, to have a proper band as it was very difficult due to the schedules of Tony Martin and Glenn Hughes to organise proper gigs or a tour. Now that aspect might change and with ‘Rock The Cradle’ as a heavy but melodic calling card, it might lead to more than this trip down memory lane.


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