dark blue inc

DARK BLUE INC-Linked To Life

El Puerto Records/Soulfood

Although Bonfire is his main activity guitarist Frank Pane through the years found the time and had the inspiration for several other projects and bands like for instance Sainted Sinners with vocalist David Reece. That band delivered two excellent classic rock albums on behalf of German label El Puerto so it made sense for Frank Pane to get the label to support his latest project called Dark Blue Inc. with experienced Swedish vocalist Goran Edman (former Malmsteen, Madison, Brazen Abbot and many others), bassist Hal Patino (former King Diamond and Pretty Maids), guitarist/keyboardist Andrea Vergori, drummer Harry Reischmann (ex-Bonfire) and Frank’s wife Lydia Pane (vocals) to complete the line-up. On the eight tracks that together form ‘Linked To Life’ it becomes clear that Dark Blue Inc. is not ‘just another’ band. Frank Pane and his compatriots have thought about the music and are combining several styles to something that does sound to say original at the least. This band has managed to mix bluesy rock, heavy rock and progressive rock elements together. It is not that the music grabs you by the throat immediately. You have to give this record some time and several spins in order to grasp and understand what is happening here. It is not about brute force and power but more about subtle arrangements, long and epic songs and a high standard of musical performance. That does not mean that ‘Linked To Life’ is without any power and force, not at all, but they are not the key elements. Listen for instance to ,,Deep Blue Sea’’ (with a guest appearance from Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice). That songs sums up what Dark Blue Inc. is more or less about. Edman’s vocals are epic, Pane’s guitar rules the roost and Paice and Patino take care of a pulsating, yet melodic rhythm. But there is a lot more to discover like the opening instrumental ,,Dark Blue Inc.’’, a very atmospheric track. With this CD and band Frank Pane explores a different side of his musicality, you can’t compare this record at all with his previous work with Bonfire and Sainted Sinners. Take the time and let ‘Linked To Life’ do what it did to me and that is slowly capturing the listener into a melodic, progressive and above all atmospheric and adventurous trip.

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