Looking back to the recent history of the Deftones, it is no fun to be part of all these tragedies consolidated into one band. It all started with the horrible car accident of bass player Chi Cheng in 2008 that led to his dead in 2013, and find its pinnacle with the horrible experiences at the Bataclan terror act in Paris where the members of the band had been present. But after all this negativity appears the sun behind dark clouds. Their brand new album `Gore’ is a real piece of art. A summary of feelings and emotions pressed onto a CD. `Gore’ is not a step back to the old days but more like three steps into the future. It is doubtable that the mainstream success of `White Pony’ (released in 2000) can ever be repeated, but `Gore’ proofs very well that the Deftones are not a relict of a forgotten music genre. They are pretty much present, alive and ready to kick your ass.


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