‘White Pony’ is most probably THE best Deftones album by far. You realize how time flies when I tell you that this masterpiece was released twenty years ago. In the meantime the band has released 5 more records with different success results, but none of them ever reached the peak they had in the early 2000s. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the follow up records had been pure failures, not at all. Even before records like ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Around The Fur’ are simply brilliant. Now the band from Sacramento, California is back at it again with one main decision: the brand new album was produced by Terry Date (who also did `White Pony’ and the records before). To me, I think I can tell I could hear that. Before I read the fact sheet and just listened through the 10 tracks, I had an overall feeling that reminded me about the beginning and the hey days of the band. The sound scape is just amazing and you definitely have to listen to it on a high-end stereo system or very good headphones to digest the size of it. Stephen Carpenter has now changed his tool to a nine-string guitar for an even wider sound. And Chino Moreno is…..well, Chino Moreno. His voice didn’t sound like this in years. Its really good to see that the band is still delivering on such a high level and never disappeared like a lot of them so called Nu-Metal acts. Only the good survive and Deftones definitely belong to the best.

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