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DENDERA-Part Two: Reborn Into Darkness

Dendera/Plastic Head

Hailing from the UK the five piece group Dendera present their latest EP with four songs plus an intro. They already have a few albums up their sleeve and an EP but for me this is the first I have heard of them. Well the melodic intro ,,Insurrection’’ might fool you at first but the four tracks ,,The Void’’, ,,The End Of Days’’, ,,Endless Suffering’’ and ,,Reborn’’ tell a different story of a band that has some really good songs up their sleeve. They call it melodic metal but the songs are rather brutal! And I mean brutal. The guitars are aggressive, the riffs lashing and the rhythm section does not miss a beat. Vocalist Ashley Edison has a melodic voice and with the help of Chelsea Grin’s Tom Barber and CJ McMahon (Thy Art Is Murder) several songs have some grunting elements as well, giving this EP grit and massive power. Also Sabaton guitarist Tommy Johansson has a guest spot on guitar. The grunts combine well with the more melodic voice of Ashley and I am actually pleasantly surprised by this EP and this band. Plastic Head is taking care of a worldwide distribution of the EP but I will give you their website address so you will most certainly be able to snatch your copy from there if you are interested. is the place to go. Do yourself a favour here and check this one out metal heads!


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