Napalm Records

Since 2003, Dez Fafara and his men in DevilDriver deliver high quality heavy metal with a constant output. Every second year, you could expect new music by the Californians. These times have changed, for a good reason. Dez Fafara has reformed his Nu-Metal sensation Coal Chamber and took a time out from DevilDriver for touring and promoting the comeback album. So basically with only one year delay, the game plan is still current and the new release ‘Trust No One’ is here. It is not clear who not to trust, but I suppose, being part of the music scene it is quite obvious that Dez had his experiences and has a very good reason to trust no one. The dedicated wine lover once again proofs that there are no boundaries in metal and no room for standing still. The trademarks of Devildriver are there but the songwriting itself shows an immense improvement. On top of it you have the sinister voice of Dez Fafara himself. With an album like this and the comeback of Coal Chamber, lets all wish for a double featured tour of both bands together. How evil would that be?


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