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The sixth studio album of the Dutch psychedelic rockers DeWolff is without any doubt – and this is not a cliché – their best effort so far. ‘Thrust’ was recorded in DeWolff’s own analogue Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio in Utrecht and it contains eleven tracks. All the songs, from the amazing opener ,,Big Talk” till the end song ,,Outta Step & Ill At Ease, are a breath of fresh rock air, although the sound of the band is still deeply rooted in the seventies. The music and sound of DeWolff on ‘Thrust’ is a more than excellent blend of blues, rock, rock and roll and psychedelic rock, but there are more guitar and Hammond organ solos to enjoy on ‘Thrust’. Definite highlights are songs like: ,,Big Talk” (lyrically dealing with Dutch politician Geert Wilders..), ,,Once In A  Blue Moon” (check out the guitar and organ passages), ,,Freeway Flight” (my personal favourite) and ,,Outta Step & Ill At Ease”; the latter being a love song written for  singer/guitarist Pablo van de Poel’s wife! DeWolff has been around for ten years now and ‘Thrust’ is a definite representation of the trio’s live experience in combination with their studio experimentation, making this new album their most ambitious and most contemporary one till now. The songs on ‘Thrust’ are heavy, up to date and most of the songs even feature a catchy chorus and therefore you may (should) want to listen to this album over and over again. I really cannot wait to hear killer songs like ,,Big Talk”, ,,Freeway Flight” or ,,Deceit & Woo” in the flesh! ‘Thrust’ is highly recommended; play it f…. loud and go nuts!!


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