DOG EAT DOG-Brand New Breed

Metalville Records

Do you remember Dog Eat Dog? If so, then you’re probably already in your forties or close to the edge to turn forty. But you know what? That’s not a bad thing and you shouldn’t give a fuck. And that’s exactly what the band is doing right now as well, they don’t give a fuck. You can tell by the looks in their faces when you attend one of their shows. You can see pure joy and happiness. They do it for the sake of the music. Who ever played in a band knows that if you reach a level like this, the creativity will surround you without doing anything. And therefore, it’s not a surprise that in 2018, we can hear new music by the crossover veterans. ‘Brand New Breed’ was already released last year as a 4-track EP digital release as a special treat for the fans and all the live shows they played. Now in 2018 they also thought about the collectors and will release ‘Brand New Breed’ on CD and vinyl. Not only will it contain the 4 brand new songs but also very special unplugged and live versions of old and new gems. One thing is for certain, no matter if you listened to Dog Eat Dog in the 90s already or not, they still remain a fun band to enjoy, on CD and especially live. So to all the newbies out there, the young ones who never heard about Dog Eat Dog, go check them out immediately and to the old schoolers, you know that there are no fronts, no tricks and no soap box politics.


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