DOKKEN-The Lost Songs:1978-1981

Silver Lining Music

While some fans still have the hope that the classic Dokken line-up with guitarist George Lynch, drummer Mick Brown, bass player Jeff Pilson and vocalist Don Dokken reunite for a final musical statement (it does not look like that is on the cards soon) they might find some comfort with this release.

The bulk of the songs you might already have if you have the ‘Back In The Streets’ album in your possession. At the time Don Dokken claimed that that was an illegal release as the tapes for that record were stolen from him. Before his first release ‘Breaking The Chains’ in 1981 Don already recorded some demos and somewhere in 2019 rediscovered some tapes that he had worked on in those days and never really finished. All in all this CD has eleven songs in total and they do take you back to the past as the recordings are basically pretty raw. But you can hear already features of things that came later when Lynch, Brown and Pilson entered the scene and Dokken became one of the better hard rock acts in the world. Only a release suitable for the die-hard fans of this group as the total sound is not really superb, but hey, most tracks are some four decades old.

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