Doro - Forever United - Artwork-horz

DORO-Forever Warriors & Forever United

Nuclear Blast Records

What would the metal world do without Doro? Nobody knows I think and luckily, the German metal queen will release a brand new album, her 20th by the way, called: ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United’ on 17 August. For the fans it may be wonderful to hear that it even will be a double album, featuring 19 brand new tracks. On the two albums you can enjoy huge typical Doro anthems, numerous rather heavy songs and also some heart-warming rock ballads. The first single of this album is called ,,All For Metal” (very original title by the way…) and I think that this one will become Doro’s new live staple metal anthem. ,,All For Metal” features a couple of metal heroes like the late Warrel Dane (Nevermore), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Chuck Billy (Testament) and Ross The Boss (Manowar), making this metal anthem even more interesting. The second single is ,,If I Can’t Have You, No One Will”, a heavy, straight in your face metal duet between Doro and Johan Hegg from the notorious band Amon Amarth. Another outstanding track is ,,Lost In The Ozone”, a tribute to Lemmy. Doro also has the guts to cover ,,Don’t Break My Heart Again”, which is of course originally done by no one less than Whitesnake. The number of ballads on this album surprises me, as ,,Lift Me Up”, ,,Heartbroken”, ,,It Cuts So Deep” and  ,,1,000 Years” all fall into this category. These ballads are fortunately spiced up by excellent guitar solos from Luca Princiotta, Bas Maas and guest guitar pickers Doug Aldrich (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Dio, The Dead Daisies) and Tommy Bolan (ex-Warlock). The rather odd Doro tradition of recording a German song for every album is kept alive, so on ‘Forever Warriors’ you can listen to ,,Freunde Furs Leben”, a mid tempo song dealing with friendship. On 3 August Doro will present the new album live in front of 80,000 metal fans at Wacken Open Air and to celebrate Doro’s 35th live stage anniversary, a couple of metal guest stars will be there to honour the German queen of metal. Be there, if you can, otherwise buy this new double album from Doro, as it is a must for fans and probably another milestone in the history of Doro Pesch!


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