When I read in the info that Canadian duo Brock Tinsley (guitar) and Ian Nichols (vocals/bass) who operate under the banner Double Experience are the answer to bands like Weezer, Muse and Coheed And Cambria their ‘Alignments’ album at first glance does not fill me with the appetite to dive into their eleven songs that are featured here. Above mentioned bands are not really groups whose music I play every day, in fact only Muse rings a musical bell while I believe that I have some Weezer stuff in my collection somewhere. Still, duty calls so being in a slight pessimistic mood I start digesting the record. But after a first impression my pessimism has disappeared. Not that I am super euphoric about ‘Alignments’ but the progressive-alternative rock songs that are on display at first glance do not put me off. Especially the first four songs (,,Perish Song’’, ,,New Me’’, ,,Something’s Got To Give’’ and the more versatile ,,Ghost In The Machine’’) are energetic, rocking pretty intense, jumpy and are at moments quite impressive. ,,My List’’ is more a ballad type pop song before ,,Your Biggest Fan’’ picks up the rock vibe again. At moments the band sounds a bit on the nerdy side perhaps (especially on the second part of the record) but all in all I find ‘Alignments’ a far better CD then I ever dared to expect after reading the info. Maybe not suitable for the pure rocker perhaps but people with a more alternative taste might find something they like. Not bad although this stuff is normally not really for me, but hey, even at my age a surprise is always welcome!

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