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He has been involved with numerous records and bands the last years. We are talking about the now 40 year old Alessandro Del Vecchio who is staff/in house producer for Frontiers Music. For this man it all started with the band Edge Of Forever. At first as keyboardist but later also as singer. With ‘Native Soul’ Edge Of Forever presents a fourth album, the second one with Del Vecchio singing and also taking care of keyboards, production and the bulk of the song writing. He recruited a few friends from other bands like guitarist Aldo Lonobile, drummer Marco Di Salvia and bassist Nik Mazzucconi (who also was present on the third Edge Of Forever album ‘Another Paradise’ that was released in 2010) to bring new life into Edge Of Forever after a long hiatus. Del Vecchio is actually a very decent vocalist. He has worked the last years with several superb singers and he must have picked up a lot from people like Deen Castronovo for instance. Not that he sounds the same but certain similarities can’t be denied. Listen for instance to the song ,,Promised Land’’ that could have featured on a Revolution Saints album. It gives you a good indication what this record is all about. The CD starts off with a stunning a-cappella sung piece called ,,Three Rivers’’ and that sets the tone for a very pleasant and entertaining melodic heavy rock album with plenty of pace and in most cases real good songs as well. There is also plenty of interaction between the keys and the guitar trading solo spots (,,I Made Myself What I Am’’). This is an overall quite heavy album as well with plenty of space for some excellent riffs, tasty solos and an energetic rhythm section. Throughout the album you do hear several fragments that sound familiar from other projects that Del Vecchio has been involved with, but that is not so strange if you look at the work this man has done the last ten years or so. Because of his busy job with Frontiers it looks obvious that Edge Of Forever might not be gigging a lot in the near future although this record and its songs are screaming to be played live. The energy they have would become even more effective on stage I guess so maybe an appearance on next year’s Frontiers festival (that has turned into a yearly event it seems) might be on the cards? Anyway, for fans of power rock with a touch of metal and big shot of melody ‘Native Soul’ is definitely a CD that should be on the radar.

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