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ELYSIUM-Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels

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On their full debut album Italian formation Elysium prove to be a band that is certainly not a cliché type progressive/symphonic rock formation. With female vocalist Daphne Nisi as spear point these musicians bring a pleasant mix of symphonic rock and progressive rock plus they have added a big portion of folk rock, opera elements and some gothic parts as well. Add to that some big sounding orchestration and you’ll find yourself listening to a challenging album that with the input of violin player Christian Arlechino just has a bit of extra’s on offer. It is not that Elysium has reinvented the wheel as the influences of bands like Within Temptation, Evanescence etcetera are clearly there, but the way Elysium has worked those influences into their own tracks and adding those violin parts plus some classy keys and orchestral parts, well, it just gives ‘Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels’ extra taste and finesse. Daphne Nisi has this angelic voice with quite a big reach/range. Still, I have the impression that she still needs to grow a bit as not all vocal melodies are up to scratch yet, so there is room for improvement. But you can hear the potential this outfit has in store on songs like ,,Siren’’ (with half way through the song even some metal parts present). Also on the production front there is some steps forward to be made. But all in all for a first full album Elysium has done a good and quite satisfying job. Fans of the above mentioned bands will most likely find the bulk of ‘Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels’ to be to their taste.

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