We all know the song ,,An English Man In New York’’ by Sting. To describe the man behind this wonderful collection of songs, the term „An American man in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland’’ would fit perfectly. Eric St. Michaels, current singer of legendary Swiss rockers China and solo artist for many, many decades realized with `Easy Pickin’’ a dream he had for years: The perfect collection of acoustic songs presenting his solo performances. Stripped down to the essential of a good song with strong vocals and guitar. We all know classics like ,,Blowin’ In The Wind’’, ,,Folsom Prison Blues’’ or ,,Redemption Song’’, but Eric’s versions are unique and authentic. He makes every classic his own and adds his amazing voice to them. This man can basically sing anything ever written and it sounds like he would be the original performer. The perfect CD to listen in the car, to just drive anywhere and nowhere. `Easy Pickin’’ will be your next best friend for life, as you will listen to it on repeat, mark my words. It is the perfect soundtrack for a very long travel by car.



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