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‘Firewind’ is the successor to the concept work ‘Immortals’, released in 2017. The Greek melodic metal band Firewind has become well-known in the metal scene due to the extraordinary guitar work of Gus G. And on this new studio album you can again enjoy hymnical melodies filled with high solos and arpeggios galore. ‘Firewind’ contains eleven new tracks of which ten of them are up-tempo songs with sometimes neck breaking riffs and melodies. Especially ,,Kill The Pain” and ,,Welcome To The Empire” belong to these melodic head banging songs and Gus G. fills these songs with amazing guitar solos, arpeggios and finger tapping bits. On this album Firewind welcomes a new singer, being Herbie Langhans and maybe you have heard his throat in bands like Avantasia or Radiant. His vocals are okay, but then again nothing special, and when he screams in tracks like ,,Devour” or ,,All My Life” he tends to get on my nerves a bit. At his best is Langhans in the obligatory ballad ,,Longing To Know You” and the amazing song ,,Break Away”, where Gus G. steals the show with his formidable guitar playing. Other highlights for me are: ,,Perfect Stranger” (great shredding and neck breaking riffing by Gus), ,,Rising Fire” (catchy chorus) and the already mentioned ,,Welcome To The Empire” (melodic guitar intro, best song of the album) and ,,Kill The Pain” (probably the heaviest song on the album).
So, for fans of Gus G. and melodic heavy metal, ‘Firewind’ is a must have album and again my “obligatory’ advice: play it f…. LOUD.

HBLS interview with Gus G. here 

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