FM-Indiscreet 30

Frontiers Music srl

A nice idea from the UK formation FM to record their epic first CD ‘Indiscreet’ in a new and updated version and in the current line-up 30 years after the release of the original that put the guys on the map. I have always been a great fan of the voice of singer Steve Overland (hoping to get his solo-CD ‘Contagious’ soon), a guy that has been in business for more than 30 years and always delivering quality. FM has been releasing material (after getting back together about nine years ago after a twelve year split) quite regularly, ‘Heroes And Villains’ being their latest effort in 2015. It is remarkable how the nine songs on ‘Indiscreet 30’ have stood the test of time. Okay, melodic AOR might not be so popular in 2016, but quality will find its way to the people. FM is sticking close to the original versions, the main difference is the crisp and open sound that makes sure that great tracks like ,,That Girl’’ (one of their finest songs ever), ,,Frozen Heart’’ (in the day a single that got into the UK Charts) and my favourite ,,Hotwired’’ still sound relevant and maybe even a bit modern as well. FM has also added seven bonus tracks to the album. Not sure of some of them were leftovers from ‘Heroes And Villains’, as some of them could have fitted on that release. Two of the extra songs are just outstanding. First of all there is ,,Shot In The Dark’’, a song well known from Ozzy Osbourne. FM has dome some stunning rearranging and at first I hardly recognised the track. The pace is put in a lower gear and when Steve Overland sings it, it is all good. Great version. I wonder what Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne think of this….There is also an acoustic version of ,,That Girl’’, played with so much feeling and finesse. Yet again the pace of the song is a few gears lower with astonishing results. The re-recording of your best album may not always result in a great effort, but FM has proven the contrary. Beautiful job and Steve Overland… what a singer!


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