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The first single and title track of the brand new Fozzy album went through the roof straight away. It was a teaser that only showed its listeners the tip of the iceberg and proved once more the incredible song writing abilities of Rich “The Duke’’ Ward and the incredible voice of WWE superstar Chris Jericho. It is a pity that the band itself is not as popular yet, as Jericho is within the WWE community. But you don’t have to be a wrestling fan to appreciate good and hard rocking heavy metal. Fozzy delivers hook line after hook line and creates a music style for both the headbangers and the dancers. With the song ,,Three Days In Jail’’, The Duke even combines both his Fozzy trademarks with a little bit of his Stuck Mojo style. `Judas’ combines modern metal/rock sounds and also will reach out to the classic metal fans in the same way.
I actually said this with every new Fozzy album but this time you have to mark my words: `Judas’ will be the massive breakthrough, for sure. If you don’t believe me, go buy the album, spread the word and become part of the Fozzy family. Because if you ever got infected with this band, you’re done, you can’t get away anymore.


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