FREAKHOUSE-Angels In Chemistry


Unfortunately, Freakhouse are not well known over here in Europe so far. Luckily, this could change now with their brand new album `Angels In Chemistry’. One of the hardest working bands in the American music industry finally found a label that will be able to work out a masterplan to take over Europe overnight. It‘s about time I’d say, since Freakhouse is not a newcomer band at all, we’re talking veterans here. These guys know exactly how to rock the shit out of a good crowd, so you better stop wasting money on the big money making major bands and support gems like Freakhouse. Keep the scene alive and help them to extend their dream of touring for us, for you in Europe. If you’re with me, raise your hand. And while you’re raising your hand, use the other one to go online and order `Angels In Chemistry’ and their whole backup catalogue.


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