FROST-Falling Satellites

Inside Out Music

Frost is a band that comes to life when the working schedules of the participating musicians permit it. Keyboard player/composer/singer Jem Godfrey started Frost some ten years ago (CD called ‘Milliontown’). In 2008 there was ‘Experiments In Mass Appeal’ and although Godfrey and his band members have worked long on ‘Falling Satellites’, there is still a big gap. Godfrey has been busy as a producer and has been touring with G3 and that is how he met guitarist Joe Satriani who as a return favour plays a guest role on this CD. But as usual John Mitchell (Arena and It Bites) is responsible for the guitar duties and part of the vocals. Fans of progressive rock with love for over the top sounds and technique will surely like this. It took me a damn long time to get into it. Sometimes it is a bit too much over the top what Frost does. Take for instance ,,Towerblock’’. The middle part of the song is brilliant with a great solo from Mitchell, but the beginning and the end of the track is just a bunch of sounds, a cacophony of noise and weird experimental stuff. It is clear that Jem Godfrey is a wizard on his instrument, it is clear that all the musicians involved are good, but with this kind of approach that Frost is using on this album I can imagine that only ‘the happy few’ will appreciate ‘Falling Satellites’. A big audience for this record? I have my doubts. Still, have a listen and judge for yourself.


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