Gojira albumcover


Roadrunner Records

Who in the metal scene is not an admirer of French sensation Gojira? Wherever you go, to whomever you talk, if the discussion comes to Gojira everyone will say the same: they are fucking awesome!! One of the most amazing live bands today is back with a brand new punch in the face. `Magma’ will rip your skin off your body and will make your head explode. Did you expect anything else? I hope not. Where a lot of bands end up being too technically and head focused, Gojira add a twist of pure energy and passion into their riffs. I try to avoid labelling the Frenchmen, because it is simply impossible. Gojira re-define a complete genre and label it with their own name. This is what they did best in the past and it is what they will do best in the future.


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