GOV’T MULE-Bring On The Music-Live At The Capitol Theatre

Provogue/Mascot Label Group

Not so long ago my old mate Stan Novak did an interview with Gov’t Mule singer/guitarist Warren Haynes that was published here. It was some 25 years ago that Haynes started this band with drummer Matt Abts and bass player Allen Woody (RIP) delivering quality blues, heavy rock and southern rock. Also yours truly has been following Gov’t Mule from day one collecting their CD’s, DVD’s etcetera. In the interview Haynes explained all about this release that was recorded and filmed over two nights, so for the details about this release go and read that very interesting interview. There are several packages available but a real fan will without any doubt get his or her hands on the 2 CD/ 2 DVD. The most stunning fact is that all together you have hours and hours of Gov’t Mule captured live, as the 2 CD and the 2 DVD contain mostly different songs and in total only one cover (Pearl Jam’s ,,Comeback’’). The rest is all pure Mule, as good as it gets. The current line-up of this band has been together for a good decade now so these guys know exactly what to do and what to expect of each other. The Mule is a well-oiled machine that luckily never relies on the automatic pilot, every performance, every song is as intense as can be. Improvisations can be made on the spot because of the uncanny chemistry these four guys have. It is certainly not the Warren Haynes show only, the input of Matt Abts, bassist Jorgen Carlsson and guitarist/keyboardist Danny Louis is just as vital and important. The sound quality of as well the 2 CD as the 2 DVD (Stereo & 5.1) is jaw dropping and finger licking good, as is the concert film containing not only music and live images but also interviews and a few extra video clips and photos plus liner notes from Mister Haynes himself. This is the complete package and it does really go deep into the rich career of Gov’t Mule touching the beginning years through the more recent years and everything in between. It is an achievement to be around for this long time without delivering even one weak album or DVD. Sure, the band sometimes stretches a song out to the max (,,Thorazine Shuffle’’ as most prominent example on this release) but hey, that is what The Mule is all about. They go wherever they like, they do whatever they feel is right. It is a way of working Gov’t Mule has adopted (or may be even invented) and it has brought the audience a quarter of a century joy and entertainment of which ‘Bring On The Music – Live At The Capitol Theatre’ is the latest jewel. This is a time absorbing release but if you manage to sit it out in one stretch I am sure all your wishes and desires about this group have been delivered in full!

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