Greta van fleet fromthefires


Republic Records

A few months ago I wrote a review about the 4 track EP ‘Black Smoke Rising’. Greta Van Fleet, with the three brothers Kiszka at the helm, sounded a lot like a young incarnation of Led Zeppelin, especially because of the similarity in the voices of singer Josh and Zep’s Robert Plant. ‘From The Fires’ has eight songs including the four that can be found on the above mentioned EP, so if you have missed that one, be sure to get your hands on a copy of ‘From The Fires’ as for me Greta Van Fleet is the revelation of 2017 and an important player in the future of rock and roll. I am not going to proclaim that we are talking about the iconic status that Led Zeppelin carved out during their career, but these boys have a certain ‘something’ in their music that can appeal to a very large audience. Good songs that have a versatile built up, a guitarist that has flair, a singer that brings it across and a steady bass and drum combo. Listen to the Greta Van Fleet’s stunning and emotional version of Sam Cooke’s soul/gospel classic ,,A Change Is Gonna Come’’ or the energetic power that drives the track ,,Edge Of Darkness’’ and you will hopefully agree with me that these guys have endless qualities gathered together that only need to be managed and outed the right way. This band could be in line for a very interesting journey in rock and roll land. Absolutely one of the discoveries of 2017 and one to keep a very keen eye on!


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