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Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland the formation Gun was reasonably successful in their first years. They had several excellent albums up their sleeve (‘Taking On The World’, ‘Gallus’ and especially ‘Swagger’) scored several hits in the United Kingdom and toured with The Rolling Stones and Def Leppard, opening up for these giants in big stadiums. But there were also numerous line-up changes, a couple of breaks and periods where the future looked bleak and uncertain. Guitarist Giuliano Gizzi has always been the man keeping the band alive, together with his brother Dante Gizzi (bass, and since a few years lead vocalist). The band released more than a handful of albums in their career so far and the best 20 songs have been assembled on this 2-CD compilation. With the songs ,,Better Days’’ and the Cameo cover ,,Word Up’’ Gun scored hits. Obviously these songs are featured here plus the Stevie Wonder cover ,,Superstition’’. Gun has been a band that has always had a keen eye for good songs. Without being too soft (far from) the Gizzi brothers managed to create a rocking, crispy and accessible sound with a certain link to the pop rock movement. But if you would ask me if Gun are rockers or pop rockers, the answer definitely would be rockers. I find it a pity that singer Mark Rankin who sang on the early albums is no longer involved as his voice was just a perfect match for the sound of Gun. Their best material of their albums is now compiled on this release, so if you are as a melodic rocker not familiar with their music this is the chance for you to do so. Gun is for sure one of the best bands ever coming out of Scotland (together with Texas) so go and get acquainted. As the band is still active these days don’t be surprised if the Gizzi brothers strike again with a brand new album in 2020.

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