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HEARTWIND-Higher And Higher

AOR Heaven

On their first CD release Swedish melodic rockers Heartwind have chosen for a traditional melodic heavy rock style avoiding though to sound too old fashioned. Bands like Journey and Whitesnake have been the inspiration for this six piece group that started out as a cooperation between the song writers Goran Edvall (guitar) and Mikael Rosengren (keyboards). When they got a positive feedback on their demos the duo recruited singer German Pascual, drummer Peter Trumpeter Svensson, guitarist Martin Hall and bass player German Lith. All these people are seasoned musicians as you can conclude for yourself when you listen to the fruits of their labour. On vocals some guests have been invited like Tave Wanning from Adrenaline Rush and Nina Soderquist (Badrock) with some good results in the form of the songs ,,Through The Light’’, ,,Surrounding Me’’ and the ballad ,,One Night Away From You’’. The addition of the female voices to these tracks really give ‘Higher And Higher’ a boost of class and extra melody. Although the originality of sound and style is not completely there on all the tracks (for example ,,Don’t Be That Girl’’) it must be said that the album is pleasant enough as a whole. Most songs are quite good, the musicianship is absolutely there and the CD has enough energy and a decent balance between heavy rock and AOR to conclude that a fan of this genre will not be disappointed. Sweden yet again strikes in the melodic genre with a good start for Heartwind


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