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It’s strange to listen to a brand new album of Hellyeah after drum legend Vinnie Paul [formerly with Pantera & Damageplan] died in June 2018. Can a super group like this really survive by losing such an iconic drummer like Vinnie? At least on record they can. ‘Welcome Home’ contains the last recordings of Vinnie Paul before he passed away. The sixth album is therefore a musical farewell to an irreplaceable artist that inspired a whole genre during his life. But enough about grief: I think ‘Welcome Home’ is one of the best records the band has ever released. It contains the trademark heaviness, the unique voice of Mudvayne’s Chad Gray and overall amazing melodies. It’s a monster over and over again. The musical standards had been put onto a very high level and the band is able to deliver. The only negative aspect on this brand new album: it’s already over after 36 minutes. But hey, there is a repeat button so you can spin the tunes over and over again as they’re not getting boring at all. Lets see what the future brings for Hellyeah. One thing is for sure, it won’t be the same without Vinnie Paul. But current live drummer Roy Mayorga [Stone Sour] is definitely the same kind of bad ass drum machine like Vinnie was.

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