Hyvmine Retaliation


Seek & Strike

Hyvmine’s debut album impressed low toned modern metal, blending shred’s finest with the modern pop metal likes of Nickelback like variants. On their new offering the band maintains to hold up the melodic drive of modern metal but adds more power than ever before. The outcome is gripping and strangulating.

On the opening ,,Assassins” they leave no stone untouched and Hyvmine paws their claws into every direction swinging the axe around as much as they swings the progressive breaks in motion. Band leader and guitarist extraordinaire Al Joseph outdoes himself on all accounts. Together with the even so talented Alon Mei-Tal he throws around the most impressive riffs, unloading sheer mayhem in short solo spots that evolve into a large cacophony of jazz scales morphed into melodic prog metal. The songs immediately shakes of the comparisons which only remain when the band take the low road and pack melody onto their raging metallic monster truck. ,,Assassins” proves to be no more than an intro to what is going to be shovelled upon us. Large and ravishing chops of metal that are keenly intervened with eponymous melodies as is displayed on the intro to ,,Imitator”, where guitars fluently scrape the fret board over a swirl of melodic keys. It unloads onto a palate of colourful musicianship with tremendous power and melancholy. Vocally it grips back to the most modern of metal and the low tuned Korn-ish riff blasts it around the sharp edged corner to unload in aggressive pattern of dynamic drumming and hardcore-screams and grunts. Hyvmine morphs constantly, injecting wild imagery into the listeners mind. More than once you hit the repeat button to take in the sonic beating of the insanely hitting title track and the Teutonic towering ,,Dark Holes”, with its ominous sub notes and the discomfort of the resonating bass lead line. Comfort oozing vocals add melancholy and spark with emotion. The glorious riff opening ,,Liberation” displays the excellent marksmanship and is reminiscent to some of Thin Lizzy’s classic guitar hooks. Musically it strays further from that classic era with the band drawing from modern to hypnotic and psychedelic. The drum and guitar interaction during the bridges is packing the typical Hyvmine discomfort. ,,Demoness” packs great power and the fierce riff is in your face. Drawing this line onwards they spit gravel on the following ,,Flesh ‘n Blood” which features some interesting stop ‘n go rhythms with guitars and drums ticking backwards. The melody again is gorgeous and nests instantly. Tremendous power is unleashed on the mid eastern-scaled ,,Life In Fire” with again radiating blunt break, which persist on the following ,,Paracynic” with its somewhat contra-paced drums and withering vocals. The psychic discomfort casted by the contrasting drumbeats and the discomfort of the vocals are hard to grasp, especially when they switch to emotive chanting to regroup with great urge and melancholy. ,,Tightrope” is the eclectic end of the album once more displaying the great abilities of the band creating intriguing compositions with outstanding musical diversity. The slow pace at the end of the song is ominous and the howls are creating turmoil adding to the twisted atmosphere. It shifts emotions constantly and is gut wrecking with anger.

Hyvmine are the skilful band around Berklee graduate and mastermind Joseph, slowly but steadily working to a unique own natural sound. Steadily taking shape and gradually gaining momentum, they enrol impressive skills on the new `Retaliation’ album. Their craftsmanship and keen ear for melody is glued together with a jam-packed attitude that radiates off the edges. A persistent growth is unravelling and you feel the impressive qualities of this band aren’t halted yet. There’s an urge underneath I do not dare to defy. Check it out!

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