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ICONIC EYE-Into The Light


After the release of their first CD ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ UK band Iconic Eye underwent some changes in the line-up adding lead guitarist Robin Mitchard to the team and female singer Jane Gould. That new blood gave the group around guitarist/keyboardist Greg Dean a big boost in the energy level and plenty of new inspiration. They started composing some new songs and decided to record five songs of the first album again with their new singer plus adding six new tracks to the CD. The result is called ‘Into The Light’ and can be described as a very pleasant mix between melodic heavy rock, AOR and some progressive influences as well. The guitars have been put upfront forcing the keys to take a more supportive role in most of the songs. Add to that the melodic and quite versatile voice of Jane Gould and you end up with an entertaining record that sometimes leans a bit towards the old Magnum style but is clearly cemented in a heavier and more modern sound. The two songs that really stand out for me are ,,Black Country Lady’’ and ,,Let It Rain Down’’. Peculiar enough both ballads and both carried by Jane’s angelic voice (do I detect some Kate Bush influence there?) and Mitchard’s fine solos. But also in the hard and heavy department Iconic Eye has plenty to say with the powerful tracks ,,Am I The One’’ and ,,Better Place’’, while ,,Black Heart’’ and ,,You Make It’’  are more a combination between AOR and straight forward heavy rock. So there is more than enough variety present on ‘Into The Light’. The music is available through ITunes and via the website of the band. Strange that a regular record company has not stepped in and signed this group. They match up with the bulk of the bands that are signed to AOR Heaven or Frontiers.


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