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Every cloud has a silver lining is a saying that has been out there for years. Yet I see no clouds threatening the future of Infinite & Divine, a partnership between multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Jan Akesson (who you might now from the group Storm Lake) and female vocalist Terese Persson a.k.a. Tezzi.

This is another example of some of the talent that a relative small country like Sweden has to offer to rock and metal fans. The last decades tonnes and tonnes of great artists have emerged from that Nordic country and it keeps amazing me time and time again of how good the music most of the time is. Whether it is heavy metal, doom, AOR, melodic rock, symphonic, progressive or any kind of other form of rock, the Swedes have their say.

With the help of drummer Jens Westberg the duo Akesson/Tezzi have put together a quite stunning and heavy rocking melodic rock album where the power voice of Tezzi takes central stage. Especially on the first two tracks ,,I Feel Alive’’ and ,,Infinite & Divine’’ her strong, raw yet melodic voice chords sound impressive while the songs have tempo, a big beat and a wide scale of colours. The only thing that you might possibly criticise is the fact that after a while the set-up of the songs show a lot of similarity with each other which hurts the variety a bit. But this is just a small hick-up in the whole process as we hear a formation that is still very early in its existence and already has come up with robust, rocking and melodic songs that just need a bit more variety. Something that can be worked on in the near future.

For a first album ‘Silver Lining’ already sounds mature, accessible, melodic and at times the rawness in the singing department contributes quite handsomely. Any fan of melodic rock with a big shot of power vocals should at least have a listen. You won’t be disappointed.



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