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Sometimes you get a release from a new formation that totally stuns you. And I thought that nothing could stun me anymore! More fool me. These guys from England and Sweden sound like they have been raised with British rock from the seventies in their veins, although all of the boys are still young. Singer Nathan James has gained some experience singing with Uli Jon Roth and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and lead guitarist Andreas Eriksson has played in several Swedish bands. Bass man Colin Parkinson and drummer Phil Beaver have been a tandem since their schooldays. Completing the line-up is rhythm guitarist Wil Taylor. The keyboard intro of the track ,,Until I Die” will make you think of Deep Purple (has Jon Lord been assisting them from heaven?) and that might have been the reason that some people have baptized the group as a ‘very young Deep Purple’, but Inglorious is a lot more than that. This album is about vibe, feeling, a great performance and energetic songs that have an enormous amount of soul and blues, but with a definite hard rock back- and underground. Talking about feel and vibe, the CD has a certain freshness. It is clear that a minimum of overdubs or double takes have been used. This is as live as you can get in a studio! The performance is great. Nathan James is your 2016 modern front man. A new Coverdale with a certain sexy appeal in his performance. Call it pure soul combined with grit, power and a big reach. Taylor provides the bluesy rhythm parts, while Eriksson is the guy who adds the colour with his inventive solos. The songs are quite diverse as well. Listen to the pure rocker ,,You’re Mine”, with a killer riff and James’ ballsy vocals. Shivers down this old spine, lads!!! Also ,,Wake” and ,,Unaware” are absolute highlights. ,,Unaware” is an acoustic track with Nathan James at his best with a bluesy solo from Eriksson. So goddamn good people! Bands like Inglorious gives us all something to cherish and it provides the British rock scene with a very much needed fresh injection (just as Thunder did when they crushed into the scene about 25 years ago). Nothing but praise for the oldies that are still active, alive and kicking, but I think we have discovered the future of British rock here. Mark my words and remember the name: INGLORIOUS. It seems that the group will be touring with The Winery Dogs in February. What a fantastic package. Sometimes I regret living in Australia…


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