ISSA-Run With The Pack

Frontiers Music srl

The Norwegian female singer Issa Oversveen has been around for a while now as ‘Run With The Pack’ is already her fifth album. The singer has been put together with the usual Frontiers Music musicians Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards/production) and DGM guitarist Simone Mularoni plus the rhythm section of Andrea Torricini (bass) and Marco Di Salvia (drums). It shall not surprise you that ‘Run With The Pack’ has turned out to be a decent melodic rock album with quality instrumentation and sound but except for the duet with Dead Daisies/Revolution Saints drummer and singer Deen Castronovo on the ballad ,,Sacrifice Me’’ the record does not have too many surprises in store. Not that ‘Run With The Pack’ sounds fabricated but a certain formula seems to be there. Songs written and performed in a certain calculated key and style, a bit like a new car rolling of the production line, if you know what I mean. Mind you, Issa can sing, she has a strong and clear voice and she does deliver (her singing on the piano driven ballad ,,Bittersweet’’ is flawless for instance) as do the musicians. But still, I just keep having the feeling that ‘Run With The Pack’ lacks a bit of originality and does not sound very spontaneous. It comes across as just another decent job done by Mularoni and Del Vecchio, on to the next one. Maybe Issa deserves a bit more than just being another number in the Frontiers stable.


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