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Frontiers have really been supportive towards the glam and hair rock movement that is still alive in America. I must say that not every release in that genre has been outstanding or really worthwhile having. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Like ‘All You Need Is Soul’ by Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate. With their 1990 debut CD ‘Blackout In The Red Room’ and follow up ‘Wasted In America’ the group really made a fist. Not that the album sales were really outstanding as most of the bands in those days were handled by a major company trying to cash in on a trend. As did Columbia Records, who really did not have a clue how to properly promote and work an act like Love/Hate. The trouble the band had getting their CD’s released after being passed over for a long time getting signed was enormous with band and label disagreeing on singles, tours, basically everything. And by the time things seemed to get going for Love/Hate they as well fell victim to the grunge movement. Their music was not relevant anymore. Sure, Love/Hate continued off and on, seeing members come and go, releasing some new stuff that never ever reached the level of the first two albums. Jizzy Pearl had spells in L.A. Guns, Ratt and Adler’s Appetite, released some solo stuff, reunited several times with Love/Hate musicians but to be honest it never brought him anything really substantial and lasting. Like many other musicians from that time Jizzy Pearl (real name James Wilkinson) existed and tried to somehow survive. Now at the tender age of 60 the singer pulls a real ace out of the hole as ‘All You Need Is Soul’ carries the ingredients that made the first Love/Hate album such an outstanding one. The high energy levels, the rawness, the cheekiness, the bold as brass attitude, you will find it all captured and displayed to its fullest in the twelve songs that are being thrown on ‘All You Need Is Soul’. All the years of frustration, anger and hardship are being tackled in songs like ,,Frustrated’’, ,,When The Devil Comes’’, ,,Mr Jimmy’’ and the superb title song. I am not surprised that Jizzy received assistance from several musicians that have been or still are part of Love/Hate like guitarist Darren Housholder and drummer Dave Moreno (also known from Puddle Of Mud). Bass player Mark Dutton completes the line-up for this energetic rock bomb where Jizzy yet again sounds like a strapping young lad ready to take on the world with his music, obviously now much more experienced and seasoned. He will probably realise that the good old days never will come back for him but if this is his last hoorah (hopefully not) well, the man has taken his revenge and for sure has the last laugh on each and every one of us. This is vintage rock and roll people!


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