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Jolly is a progressive alternative rock band from New York City and this quartet have been working on their new album called ‘Family’ since the year 2015. The sound of Jolly is obviously, but not really, influenced by bands like Radiohead, Faith No More, Haken, Pink Floyd, Leprous and Tears For Fears. Therefore, you could call Jolly’s music alternative rock or melodic pop or even progressive metal; as it is all in there. The new album ‘Family’ contains nine tracks of which some songs have been out for a while. The absolute highlight of this album is the ten minutes epic ,,Let Go” being a very diverse track featuring lots of tempo changes, heavy riffs, lots of keys and an amazing guitar solo as well. Speaking about guitar solos, check out Anadale’s master piece guitar solo in the song ,,Lazarus (Space Masala)”, which is really awesome.’Family’ kicks off with a great opening track called ,,Lie To Me” and this one stands out due to the very catchy chorus. This new album also features two ballads, being ,,With Me” and ,,Violet”, both songs are really emotional filled with huge choruses and excellent melodies. All in all I have to say that Jolly has come up with a very ambitious album, but ‘Family’ is also a powerful, heavy, melodic and utterly beautiful LP, which becomes better the more you listen to it. ‘Family’ is a must buy album, so you know what you have to do…..

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