JORN-Heavy Rock Radio

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Singer Jorn Lande has never been afraid of doing a cover song. Most of his solo albums contain a cover and in 2007 he released ‘Unlocking The Past’, basically his first real cover CD. Later on he recorded a tribute CD for the late great Ronnie James Dio. ‘Heavy Rock Radio’ is in more ways than one interesting indeed. You might expect Jorn to tackle songs from Deep Purple (,,Stormbringer’’), Black Sabbath (,,Die Young’’) or Dio (,,Rainbow In The Dark’’), but there are some real surprises on this CD as well. ,,Running Up That Hill’’ is a pop song from Kate Bush, but Jorn has put it in his heavy rock mixer and has given it balls and energy. Astonishing. Also his interpretation from the John Farmham hit ,,You’re The Voice” is a surprise. Another pop/rock song receiving the Jorn treatment. As I listen quite a lot to the Australian radio I am often tortured by John Farnham music (a living legend in Australia) being played. I liked him when he was the main man in Little River Band, but his solo stuff was too poppy for me. So this version is more enjoyable, believe me. It is strange to hear Jorn’s version of The Eagles classic ,,Hotel California’’. For a period of 40 years we are familiar with this fantastic song, and so used to its original version that it takes a while to get used to what Jorn and his musicians have done to it. The same goes for the songs ,,Rev On The Red Line’’ (Foreigner), ,,Killer Queen’’ (Queen) and Journey’s ,,Don’t Stop Believing’’. Jorn has given all these songs a heavier touch, without losing the plot. The songs are still recognisable as such. The same goes for Iron Maiden’s ,,The Final Frontier’’ and Paul Stanley’s ,,Live To Win’’. Jorn has put his own stamp on this record without raping the songs themselves. So the conclusion is that ‘Heavy Rock Radio’ is a steaming and very enjoyable hard rock record and after hearing ,,Die Young’’ (Black Sabbath) and Dio’s ,,Rainbow In The Dark’’ I still do not understand why Ritchie Blackmore did not ask Jorn to join Rainbow for the upcoming shows. There is no one in this world that comes so close to Ronnie James Dio than this man Jorn Lande.


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