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KB & THE IDYLLWILDE-I Just Wanna Love You, I Just Wanna Let You


KB & The Idyllwilde is a soul-rock band based in Nashville, TN, led by high octane charismatic vocalist Katie Burke (KB). Her lyrical content deals in the offbeat and the ugly; the extremes of love, sex, death and pain. You know…the human. It is the perfect launch pad for her music and her charisma is spot on. Sonically, the band draws influence from artists ranging from Janis, Jimi and Zeppelin to Brandi Carlile and Jack White. To me however, the band fuses the baddest and best from Beth Hart with the immaculateness of soul diva Winehouse.
Drenched in bitterness and laden with tears, thy shall be introduced to mayhem of withheld passion to inaccurately steer through today’s sonic wastelands.

I really truly don’t care a dime for anyone discarding the greatness of this vocalist and her band. KB and The Idyllwilde hail from Nashville, the home of rock ’n roll and the crib of soul injected into pop music by the King himself. Blues and rock are key features of the musical spheres in TN and KB is one of the leading ladies that need to be heard. She is charismatic and delves deep. She twists and turns, moans and jaws while she lays down immaculate performances laden with power and energy. She revives the soul and spirit of the 70s without blinking an eye. She picks up the microphone where Winehouse dropped it onto the stage. She left us too early, but her spirit found its way into the voice of Katie Burke. The girl is just sheer power and breathes fire. Beth Hart in her best moments, leaning on the shoulders of Adele.
It is freaking amazing how she morphs and twists into form. The organic classic rock’ n blues melting pot her band serves up is a cocktail chockfull of influences. She kisses the sky with Hendrix hooks, Page-like hooks and Plant-ish howls, while they also seem to draw from Bad Company and Little Feat. The stir of emotions as root of their being. It just gels like craze and Katie towers tops it off with a jaw dropping performance. Entering with ,,Drown” her voice trembles with an age of despair as the song evolves. “I be the prettiest when I’m crying, I think I’m prettiest when you watch…”. KB evokes the lyrics with perfectly timed emotion. Slow moving with blues scales the song shoots back and forth in 70s manner. The organic sound is perfectly held up on the soulful ,,Glories”. Burke howls and grinds her vocal cords. Somewhat neurotic she belts an impressive performance. Not specifically rocking out loud, the song progresses with loads of emotion and soul. Violins add some Irish lustre to the outline of this soulful rocker. More Winehouse than Hart KB puts her distinguished mark on the performance and the whammy solo adds to the organic atmosphere. The track whelms with so much atmosphere it almost feels as if it’s performed in your living room.
A pulsating beat and drum shuffle bring us into the heartfelt passionate ,,Heart Faulty”, in which Burke fans with power and precision. The best collaboration between Beth Hart and Bonamassa sounds polished listening to this diva and her Idyllwilde band. The soul of the track is just overwhelming beautiful and Katie’s trembling voice is pitch perfect adding to the panache. When she opens over the guitar lick in ,,Mad Man’’ KB again reveals her force. Violins add to her vocals perfectly with Americana sub notes providing the song a different face. Again Katie delves deep and her charismatic vocals are packing intensity and power. Somewhat neurotic, again clinging to the soulful bliss of Amy, she injects glimmering Ulster. When she echoes with pitches the songs momentum and the guitar pull forward alongside the violin offering and intense organic broiling cocktail of 70s rock ’n roll. Save the best for last must have been the credo of this release as KB & The Idyllwilde belt their most impressive song on the album. The vocal interaction also makes it shine with duetting lines and tension implemented. The raging violin again injects the Americana note without the track suffering power and passion. It all just oozes classic rock and the organic production adds to the grandeur of the EP.

`I Just Wanna Love You, I Just Let You’ is the ultimate calling card for Katie Burke and her Idyllwilde band. The diva packs tremendous power and radiates confidence on this 5-track release. Her charismatic vocal capacities combined with the classic organic rock of the seventies make it an album you have to have heard. It is just jaw dropping and will promise a lot for the future. Come in KB and surprise us!

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