Kee Of Hearts


Frontiers Music srl

For our monthly Frontiers project we are now confronted with a cooperation between guitarist Kee Marcello (former Europe) and Fair Warning singer Tommy Heart assisted by bassist Ken Sandin and drummer Marco Di Salvia and as usual Alessandro Del Vecchio has been installed as engineer, producer and keyboardist by the record company to make sure that the whole product, band and sound is something that fits in the catalogue of the company. Do you detect a bit of sarcasm in that sentence? No, that is not what I want to express. The thing is that Frontiers releases up to five CD’s per month for the last few years and yes, nobody is obliged to buy all of that but you could maybe have questions by the strategy Frontiers has been using. There is so much material coming out all over the world, from zillion companies, bands that release their stuff by themselves, it becomes more difficult to keep track of everything. The market is overflowing. So maybe it would be a thought to really concentrate on top quality material and bands instead of throwing a certain amount of records to the wall hoping that one or more manage to stick. But then, yet again I must admit whole heartedly that ‘Kee Of Hearts’ is another good sounding melodic rock record. Heart as singer and Marcello as guitarist fit well together. That is a pure fact when you have heard the eleven tracks on this CD. It may not sound too surprising anymore, but Heart really shines on this one. He feels maybe a bit more free here. With Fair Warning he is captured in a certain style and sound, on ‘Kee Of Hearts’ he can show more aspects and widen his range. That is at least the impression that I have. Songs like ,,The Storm’’, ,,Crimson Dawn’’, ,,Bridge To Heaven’’ and several other tunes are candy for your ears, with Marcello excelling as well while the rest of the musicians lay a solid foundation surrounded by a very decent production. Certainly not all songs are as impressive as each other, some just fly by without making a lasting impression. Conclusion: ‘Kee Of Hearts’ has excellent musicians, sounds good and has about eight to nine songs that are up to scratch and a few that can be described as album fillers. For melodic rockers surely a CD to take notice of.


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