KHYMERA-Master Of Illusions

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After a hiatus of some four years Dennis Ward thought it was time to add another album to the catalogue of Khymera, a project that he took over from Daniele Liverani some fifteen years ago. We know Dennis as a talented bass player for bands like Pink Cream 69, Unisonic and more recent Magnum but he is also a first class singer which the proved on several Khymera albums and the latest one of guitar monster Gus G (the 2018 release ‘Fearless’). And don’t forget either that Dennis is a guy that has done many production and mixing jobs for other artists and groups. For the latest Khymera album Dennis received some support from guitarist Michael Klein (who has some very impressive moments on this CD), Eric Ragno (keyboards) and the experienced English drummer Pete Newdeck and these guys with Dennis at the production helm do not disappoint. ‘Master Of Illusions’ is a crafty melodic heavy rock album with touches of AOR as well. With Khymera Dennis Ward shows more his melodic site and his voice just sounds pleasant. With Gus G he had to use some more grit and power but here he can focus on the more smooth side of his voice. Khymera makes me think of the late eighties when bands like Giuffria, Signal and Giant were active. Not that the music is strictly the same but the material on ‘Master Of Illusions’ is in that direction consisting of strong and accessible songs, a good variety between up- tempo tracks like ,,Follow The Sun’’ or more laid back songs that in the case of ,,Father To Son’’ and ,,Paradise’’ give us two superbly sung and executed ballads of almost epic proportions. Khymera is a project that is close to the heart of Dennis Ward, he has put all his inspiration in this and that dedication you can just hear all over the CD. It is not that Dennis has changed anything about the musical direction of this project but fact is that ‘Master Of Illusions’ for me is the album where Dennis Ward really shows his true colours. For melodic rockers ‘Master Of Illusions’ is a vital record.

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