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When Killswitch Engage released their debut 16 years ago, they re-defined the metal core genre with a completely different twist and chemistry of music. They created a scene of their own and everyone loved them for it. Just three years later, the rising star got shaken in its entirety. Singer Jesse Leach left the band and got replaced by Howard Jones who stepped in very fast and boosted the band to even more success. In 2013 the same happened again but on a much higher level. Killswitch Engage weren’t the newcomer anymore but a highly established band, again without a singer. So the unexpected but obvious had to happen: Jesse Leach returned to record an already written album called `Disarm The Descent’ that even brought them a Grammy nomination. Now, `Incarnate’ represents the real comeback album with Jesse Leach as he’s back integrated into a much stronger band and part of the song writing process. It would be wrong to say, Killswitch Engage are back because they never disappeared, but they are definitely back with a new album that will blow your minds.


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