Kissin´ Dynamite - Ecstasy - Artwork


Metal Blade Records

Kissin’ Dynamite, from Germany, kicked off as a high school rock band in the year 2006. Their first full length studio album called ‘Steel Of Swabia’ was released in 2008 and ‘Ecstasy’, their sixth brand new album will officially see the light of day on 6 July. The track list of ‘Ecstasy’ contains 13 brand new songs, all in the veins of their previous albums; meaning: pure rock and roll songs filled with catchy good time hooks and great melodies full of passion. The album starts great with a song called ,,I’ve Got The Fire’’, which really reminds me of the rock classic ,,Lay Your Hands On Me’’ by Bon Jovi; what a way to kick off an album! Kissin’ Dynamite goes on with playing straightforward rock songs like ,,You’re Not Alone’’ or ,,Somebody’s Gotta Do It’’; all deeply rooted in the sound of the rock eighties. The title track features guest vocalist Anna Brunner from Exit Eden and that one is also a great rocking song to which you cannot sit still. The first quieter song is called ,,Still Around’’, which sounds a bit cheesy to me, but the real ballad on the album is ,,Heart Of Stone’’. That one starts with a very, nice melodic guitar solo, before it evolves into a real sing-along rock ballad. ‘Ecstasy’ is a must for lovers of eighties hard rock and fans of Bon Jovi or Def Leppard. Kissin’ Dynamite are an exception within Germany’s musical landscape and ‘Ecstasy’ is an excellent album to listen to in your car at maximum volume and I think that all songs of this new album will become true live staples!


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